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Breakfast Only

Breakfast is important and at the Guesthouse they know how to make a good start of the day starting with pancakes, chocolate, salty options and unlimited tea and coffee.

Half Board

This is one of our most popular options, so that Breakfast will be included and you’ll choose if to have Lunch or Dinner daily. Usually we suggest to choose dinner because during the day you will be so busy dealing with activities or just relaxing on the beach that you’ll go just for some snacks for lunch.

Full Board

This is the option for who do like to have everything perfectly organized, so that you ‘ll enjoy daily your Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner directly in the Guesthiuse. The team is very easygoing so that they’ll let you choose daily which are your preferences.


Snorkeling with Turtles

Turtles do not need an introduction themselves, these incredible animals will swim around you while you are snorkeling in a specific location. Our staff will get you there with a speed boat, and then you’ll enjoy and marvel among corals, beautiful corals and of course this amazing turtles. Did you notice that a turtle is also the logo of our brand?

Dolphin Cruise

Enjoy a speed boat tour, where the main characters are dolphins!! They’ll naturally swim near the boat, so that you’ll have all the time to admire them wild and free! And to take a lot of picture of course!

Snorkeling with Sharks

Sharks, are always a turning point or you’ll love to see them or you are completely frightened. This option instead is something soft, not the sharkcage or anything like that, it’s simply a tour on speed boat to the point where Nutrice sharks live, where you could swim with them. Usually the place is nearby an other island little harbour, the sharks?!?This particular type of sharks is blind and with few teeth, but it will be a thrilling experience anyway, under the supervision of our staff.

Sandbank Visit

This is one of the most remarkable excursion, you will arrive to a white sandbank in the middle of the ocean! The colours and the location are definitely breathtaking, so just take your time to relax and enjoy it!

Snorkeling with Mantas

Mantas are somewhat of amazing, they usually move in groups of numerous individuals and you’ll find yourself directly surrounded by these animals swimming and swaying allaround. This experience is recommended from May to August, period when the manta rays transit nearby Maldives

Resort Visit unlimited drinks

This is one full day excursion that will give you the possibility to appreciate one full day on a Resort Island, you will arrive there with the speed boat, and you will enjoy a lunch in the Resort and unlimited drinks. This is something that some of our guests asked us, on local islands alcohol drinks are not permitted, so this is the opportunity to join the vibe of the Resort too and you could say to have visited 2 islands in Maldives: Gaafaru and Eryhadhoo Island Resort.

More activites

Fishing in Maldives?

You like fishing or simply you do like to try maldivian traditional fishing !? Here are the different options you could choose to book:

  • Octopus Hunting
  • Lobster Hunting
  • Cast Fishing
  • Night Fishing
  • Fishing from the island

Water Sport activities

While relaxing at the beach, there is plenty of water activities you could choose to book. Check here after:

  • Stand Up Paddle (SUP)
  • Glass Kayak or simple kayak
  • Wakeboard
  • Jet Ski
  • Fun Tube

Anyone Said SCUBA DIVING?!?

If you are a beginner like us or simply you are already professionally qualified here we have all the options to plan your dives in the crystalclear water of Maldives.View more

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